Simple No-Bake Chocolate Puffed Rice Bark

Simple no-bake chocolate puffed rice bark


This chocolate puffed rice bark is the perfect example of when not to doubt yourself. I have always been a perfectionist, and when making Easter treats for my students, I miscalculated and doubted whether they would like it. I even considered throwing everything away. I am so glad I didn’t because my students loved every last crumb of it.

The “mistake” I made was to mess up the ratio of puffed rice to chocolate. I wanted a really thick covering of chocolate, but instead, soon realized that even after adding more chocolate, it only gave the puffed rice and thin coverage.

I panicked, lamented and decided my students would hate it. I was wrong, of course. Very, very wrong. The lesson I have learnt is that although things might not go to plan, they could turn out way better than expected.

Due to having less chocolate mixed with the puffed rice, the recipe was not cloyingly sweet. There was a lovely balance between the crispy, puffed rice bottom and the sweet toppings. It really couldn’t have turned out any better.




This chocolate puffed rice bark was made specifically for Easter and was topped with Easter-themed candy. However, you could top it with whatever you liked. You could even omit the chocolate and toppings completely. 

I’ve labelled this a bark because I snapped it into pieces. I did this because there were chocolate eggs on the topping, and it was almost impossible to cut through these after they’d been in the fridge. If you don’t go for anything large to top the chocolate puffed rice bark, you could cut it into squares if you preferred. 

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Simple No-Bake Chocolate Puffed Rice Bark



  • 75g (3 cups) puffed rice (see note 1)
  • 200g (7 oz) milk chocolate (see note 2)
  • 100g (3½ oz) dark chocolate


  • 200g milk chocolate
  • toppings of your choice (see note 3)


  • Add the puffed rice into a large bowl.
  • Using a Bain marie (or carefully in the microwave) melt the chocolate for the base.
  • When melted, pour into the puffed rice, and stir carefully until everything is well-mixed (it might take a little while to get everything well incorporated).
  • Line a fairly large pan with foil or baking paper - mine is 37cm x 27cm (14½" x 10½").
  • Pour the rice and chocolate mixture into the pan and smooth over until even.
  • Melt the topping chocolate and then spread evenly over the rice mixture.
  • While the chocolate is still melted, add the toppings you want, and press down gently so that they stick to the chocolate.
  • Refrigerate until everything has hardened (about 30 minutes).
  • Break into thick shards, or cut into slices. The bark will last for up to a week in the fridge (if kept in an air-tight container). Enjoy!


Disclaimer: I measure my ingredients using scales and metric amounts. To help my readers out, I have also converted these to imperial (cups and ounces). However, as I have not created this recipe using imperial measurements personally, results cannot be guaranteed.
  1. I used natural puffed rice, but you could use Rice Krispies (or similar).
  2. 300g of chocolate was enough to give a thin coverage. Use more chocolate if you would like a more deeper coverage.
  3. As this was an Easter treat, I used jelly beams, small chocolate eggs and Easter-themed sprinkles. Use anything you like!


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Simple No-Bake Chocolate Puffed Rice Bark

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