Two Ingredient Swedish Christmas Chocolates (Ischoklad)


chocolates in a tin topped with various different nuts


Originating from Germany, these Swedish Christmas chocolates are a very popular treat during the festivities. Ischoklad (directly translated as “ice chocolate”) is beyond simple to make, using only two ingredients: chocolate and coconut oil/butter.

However, don’t let the name fool you – these Swedish Christmas chocolates have nothing to do with being frozen. The name comes from their unique texture, which melts like ice on the tongue.

These Swedish Christmas chocolates are amazingly versatile – you can add any flavour to the chocolate (mint is awesome, or a touch of rum or cognac adds to the festive feel) and the toppings can be whatever you like. I used nuts to decorate mine – salted peanuts, pistachios and almonds. However, you could use coconut or fruit. Or, why not go all festive and add candy cane, or crumbled gingerbread cookies?


Swedish Christmas Chocolates

Prep Time 10 minutes


  • 200g chocolate (see notes)
  • 100g coconut butter (see notes)
  • nuts - optional (see notes)
  • flavours - optional (see notes)


  • Gently melt the chocolate and coconut butter/oil in a pan. Be careful not to over-heat, all you need is for to just melt.
  • Pour into small candy cases (the above ingredients made 40 small candies), or a candy mould. Sprinkle with whatever you fancy.
  • Allow the chocolates to harden (if you're in a hurry, pop them in the fridge for a while). Enjoy!


  1. You can use absolutely any chocolate you like. This time, I made mine with milk chocolate.
  2. If you can't get hold of coconut butter, you can use coconut oil instead.
  3. I used nuts this time, but you can top with candy cane, crushed cookies, fruit, or whatever else you fancy!
  4. Add a drop of mint essence, rum or cognac to the mixture (just stir it into the melted chocolate and oil/butter).




Two Ingredient Swedish Christmas Chocolates (Ischoklad)

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