Christmas Gingerbread Rocky Road


This was originally published on The Culinary Jumble in 2017. The post has been updated, but the images and recipe remains the same.

This Christmas gingerbread rocky road will gravitate your seasonal candy towards a whole new realm. Rocky road is not hard to make and it’s not very original either, but with a little festive jushe? Heck, now we’re talking!

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a little gingerbread, now would it? The Swedes are big on gingerbread (pepparkakor) in the lead up to the festive season, and we always have a tin of gingerbread on the go in our house from the middle of November. 

Candy Canes are another huge part of Christmas. I always remember my kids’ sheer delight at seeing their first of the season. Now that they’re cool teenagers, there isn’t quite the same giddiness (they can also open their own wrappers now, too).

Lastly, I threw in a few cranberries, just to finish off the festive feel. To give my Christmas gingerbread rocky road a green hue, I swirled in a little matcha into the white chocolate.

This Christmas gingerbread rocky road is super easy, plus it’s one the whole family can make together. Adapt it to your personal liking, and let the kids throw in their favourite Christmas treats. Have fun!

Christmas Gingerbread Rocky Road

Course Candy


Bottom Half

  • 200g milk chocolate
  • 100g dark chocolate
  • 100g crushed gingerbread (see note 1)
  • 50g dried cranberries

Top Half

  • 250g white chocolate
  • 3 crushed candy canes

Matcha Swirl (see note 2)

  • 85g white chocolate
  • 1 teaspoon matcha


  • I used broken pepparkaka, candy canes, red and green candy, small silvery balls and sprinkles (see note 3)


  • Line a square tin with baking paper or tinfoil (the larger the tin, the thinner the rocky road - mine was a little larger than 8x8 inches).
  • Melt the milk and dark chocolate together in a bain marie (or double boiler). When melted, throw in the pepparkaka and cranberries and stir to combine everything. Pour into the prepared pan, smooth over and pop in the fridge until set (about an hour).
  • For the top, melt the white chocolate and then stir in the crushed candy canes. Pour over the hardened chocolate.
  • Lastly, melt the remaining white chocolate and stir in the matcha. Swirl into the other white chocolate, creating a nice pattern. Throw over your toppings then pop in the fridge to set completely before cutting into squares. Enjoy!


I use grams to measure my ingredients because I believe scales are the most accurate way to measure ingredients. 
  1. I used homemade pepparkakor but you can use any kind.
  2. You can omit this stage, if you prefer. Alternatively, add a touch of green coloring instead of the matcha. 
  3. Top your rocky road with literally anything you like. My choices are just a suggestion.
Christmas Gingerbread Rocky Road

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