5 Minute Daim Bar & Almond Bark


5 Minute Daim Bar & Almond Bark


This 5 minute Daim Bar and Almond Bark first appeared on the Culinary Jumble.

Desserts are good, right. Chocolate never wrong. But when you can make a recipe in five minutes straight, you’re on to a winner.

This 5 minute Daim Bar & almond bark is delicious. It wowed my taste testers. Oh, okay then, my family. I just wanted to sound all impressive and food blogger-like for a moment. It was so good that at one point, I had to hide it in the back of the fridge just to save a little for myself.


5 Minute Daim Bar & Almond Bark


Daim is really popular not only in Sweden (where it originates) but across Europe, too. My most searched keyword (what people type into Google for the non-bloggers amongst you) is Daim bar. It is therefore no surprise then that my Daim Bar & caramel cheesecake is one of my most popular recipes.

The hardest thing about this bark is melting chocolate and Daim bars together. Mmm, hmm. After that, you sprinkle with as many Daim balls as you can stuff on along with a little chopped almond. Let it set (the toughest part about the whole thing), break it up and just devour it. That’s it.

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5 Minute Daim Bar & Almond Bark

Make your own simple candy with this quick recipe for 5 minute Daim bar & almond bark. Melted milk chocolate and Daim topped with Daim balls.
Course Candy
Cuisine American
Prep Time 10 minutes


  • 200g milk chocolate
  • 2 x 27g Daim bars see note 1
  • 1 bag Daim balls see note 2
  • 30g chopped or crushed almonds


  • Slowly melt the milk chocolate and Daim bars together in a Bain Marie (or double boiler) until all the chocolate has melted (the Daim will not completely melt but will dissolve a little).
  • Using a knife, thinly spread the chocolate over a large tray lined with grease-proof paper. Sprinkle with the Daim balls and almonds. Leave to set completely.
  • Break the chocolate into shards and scoff your faces!


  1. If you can't get Daim bars where you are, Skor and Heath are good substitutes.
  2. If you don't have Daim balls, use mini Daims or chop up an extra bar of normal Daim.
5 Minute Daim Bar & Almond Bark

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