Simple Homemade Chicken Sausage Rolls


These Simple Homemade Chicken Sausage Rolls were first published in July 2018 on my former blog, The Culinary Jumble. The recipe and images remain the same.

One thing I miss most about not living in the UK is sausage rolls. If you are a Brit, these little flaky pastry loves need no introduction. However, outside of the UK (Australia and New Zealand aside), it appears that sausage rolls are one of Britain’s best kept secrets.

What on earth is a sausage roll?

I was amused to read recently that Americans have been a little slow to catch on to the concept of sausage rolls (here’s a very light-hearted article which highlights why). To my American readers: you are missing out, big style. You need to fix that and fix it fast. You need sausage rolls in your life more than you need anything else.  Seriously though, you are going to love ’em.

As the article above states, sausage rolls are not pigs in blankets. Not even close. For a start, they are made with sausage meat (ground meat/mince) and not whole sausages. Sausage rolls are encased in pastry; pigs in blankets in more of a bread. They are absolutely apples and oranges.



Although sausage rolls are traditionally made with pork, I only had chicken mince in the house and decided to use that. Because chicken mince can be a little wetter than regular ground meat, you don’t need to add any breadcrumbs. All I did was throw in a little seasoning and the sausage roll filling was ready to go.

Can I make my own pastry?

Yes, but why would you want to? Even Jamie Oliver uses a square of ready-made pastry sometimes. You guys know how much I love my food to be homemade, from scratch, in its entirety, but if you think I am going to stand and make puff pastry when it is 30ºC out there (and us northern Europeans are without A/C don’t forget), you can think again.

What can I serve with these chicken sausage rolls?

This question reminds me of when my father in law (at the time) came to the UK to help us move. I proudly placed a couple of warm, flaky sausage rolls in front of him, and he turned up his nose. “Where’s the sauce?” he asked. Now, he didn’t mean HP or Ketchup. I actually don’t know what he did mean. Let’s just say that one of Britain’s most loved pastries didn’t impress him much. 

Perfect for a picnic, a party, or quick lunch, these flaky bites work very well on their own. In the UK, we sometimes eat them with some baked beans, but are best served warm, with just some HP sauce for company. 


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Simple Homemade Chicken Sausage Rolls

Course Snack
Cuisine British
Servings 16 mini sausage rolls


  • 250g (9 oz) puff pastry
  • 500g (17½ oz) chicken mince (ground chicken)
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon black pepper
  • ½ teaspoon oregano


  • Pre-heat the oven to 175ºC (350ºF).
  • Place the chicken mince in a bowl and add the salt, pepper, oregano and garlic pepper. Stir to combine everything.
  • Roll out the pastry and cut into four rectangles.
  • Take one rectangle, with the long side facing you and place a quarter of the mince right along the whole length. Have it as close to the edge as you can or you won’t be able to roll it properly.
  • Roll up the pastry ending up with the seam underneath.
  • Place on a large oven tray lined with baking paper and cut into four bits. Repeat with the others.
  • With a sharp knife, make a diagonal cut in the top of each bit.
  • Beat an egg and then wash all over the rolls.
  • Sprinkle with sea salt and pepper then bake for around 30 minutes until golden, and the pastry is no longer soggy.
  • Remove from the oven and either eat warm or when cold. Enjoy!


I have converted grams to cups/ounces/tablespoons using online converters. Although I have no reason to believe they are inaccurate, please be aware that I have not made the recipe with imperial measurements.
In addition, many ingredients are different in Europe compared to North America (and the rest of the world). I do all I can to offer possible alternatives and to ensure the best possible outcomes for everyone. However, results cannot always be guaranteed if you have not used the same ingredients, measurements or methods as me.
Lastly, I do everything I can to ensure that my recipes (and instructions) are accurate and easy to follow. However, I am human, and don't always get it right. If you notice anything strange, a mistake, or even a typo, please let me know in the comments. 



Simple Homemade Chicken Sausage Rolls

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