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Hello and welcome to The Spelt Kitchen!

So, me. Well, I am Tracy, an English ex-pat living in Sweden. I’m mum to two beautiful teenagers and work as a home language (English) teacher.

So why spelt? Well, that’s easy. Spelt is a wonderful alternative to regular flour and it is so easy to do just a straight swap. Although spelt is not gluten free it is easier to digest and generally, much better for you. I am no expert; I just know how I feel after cutting out regular flour products, but if you’d like to find out more about it, Medical News Today offer an informative article. Certainly worth reading.

During the week, I eat a fairly low fat, low sugar diet with little bread but at the weekend? Well, it’s a free for all. Seriously, life’s just about balance. The most important thing for me is not necessarily the amount of sugar something has, but the fact that is made from scratch. Even then, I do cheat sometimes, and you may find recipes with ready made ingredients. Life’s for enjoying, so I just go with the flow, and make things easier where I can. 

Not all recipes will include spelt flour, as I am bringing over some favourites from The Culinary Jumble. Before I discovered spelt, many of my recipes were gluten free, and although the emphasis is on spelt, it seems a shame to get rid of recipes that people really enjoy reading (and making). Where possible, I have amended the recipes to use any kind of flour, especially for the old gluten free recipes. I am very transparent when I have not made the recipe with spelt (but offer it as an alternative), so always check out the notes in any particular recipe).

Update: I now have my very own e-book. Pinch me someone, please! Baking with Spelt offers 20 simple, delicious spelt flour recipes not seen anywhere else and is available on Amazon.


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  • Hi there,
    I made your simple bread machine garlic naan bread from your original recipe on your culinary jumble website and it appears to have changed completely. \can you check if it is actually the correct one as it appears to be a recipe for buns on the new website.

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